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Fantastic First Year!

the GREEN ROOM has completed its first year and what a year it was!  It was about this time last year when I started envisioning what our gifted reading classroom would look like and be like… it has far exceeded my vision and expectations! These past two months have been a testament to how extraordinary it has become:

After returning from spring break, we embarked on a balance of “plugged” and “unplugged” activity.  Thanks to strategic planning and Donor’s Choose, we had 9 chrome books with which to work on.  Digital assignments kept everyone motivated and energized. Through Edmodo, our classroom expanded and extended.  (Many of the students begged to do classwork at home through this resource.) **Edmodo will remain available with new “challenges” over the summer.

IMG_0488IMG_0492IMG_0489 IMG_0491  IMG_0490 

As we moved into May and I saw the students less because of testing, field trips, assemblies and other special activities, we returned to our “Virtual Field Trip” project. Each group has a “webpage” on our virtual field trip site at: They entire project was filled with learning and cooperation as the children took notes, shared facts in “postcards”, learned new vocabulary, designed flowcharts, wrote scripts for “tour guides”, created advertisements/brochures, produced an “infomercial” (or short video), learned about webpage layout, and learned how easy it is to create a QR code! Along the way, they used apps on the iPad, Dropbox to upload and download content, word processing with Google docs, desktop publishing, and more.  The project was a blast and the final artifacts are outstanding!