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More Passion Project information

The Passion Project is very open ended and I have made the offer for students to see me during Tiger Time on Fridays for any help. Research objectives are not part of the reading curriculum (but rather writing and in science/social studies content); I cannot give much class time for this.  (As I am only the reading teacher of record).  This is why however that I have no specific requirements for the project.  The packet I gave the students isn’t something to go through step by step.  Just a collection of things that could be useful if needed. If I had more time with the children I could take them through set steps; unfortunately I do not so I hope to introduce them to different aspects.
I am still working on more modeled helpful tools to share.  So far, I’ve shown the children how they can “fish for facts” (take notes), how to determine importance and look for bibliography info (just to introduce them to what it is and why it will become important; I am not requiring a formatted bibliography), I’ve also introduced the children to some researching online basics using Google Docs (again not required; just want to show the children some basics.)
My goals are:
To enjoy learning about something of interest
To share that learning in any way that the student enjoys
To introduce students to some research basics
Something else to consider. This project gives students flexibility to explore and try with no risk. Rather than give students a step-by-step guide, I want them to discover, explore and try things. Encouraging this helps develop problem solving skills.
The bottom line…the passion project is designed for self-motivated and driven learners to take advantage of.  Students who are not as driven can still enjoy learning about something that interests them and can share what they learned in some way.  If I put limits on this, I don’t get some surprising and extremely creative results!