Monthly Archives: April 2015

Multimedia producers

I have been teaching the children that they are “consumers” of information but can and should also be producers. Simply put, we learn best by “doing” or creating:

Cone of Learning

When children process what they learn and create something new to share with others, they are most active in their learning. I’ve always had students “showing and telling” in different formats but technology provides outlets that are highly engaging. Of course the act of creating or process contributes more to the learning than a finished product, so even if my students do not develop a polished presentation or top notch piece of work, the process of creating alone worked their brain at the highest levels.

So to facilitate the process further, we obtained a Mac Book for student production use (especially with GarageBand and iMovie) and then I supplemented with some special tools: Green screen, photography lighting, and video camera.  So far 4th graders are putting these tools to use as we figure out the best ways to use the tools.  3rd graders have been exploring other production options.

Green screen 1 Green Screen 2 Green Screen 3 Green Screen 4