Gamification in the Green Room


What is it and why is it important in the Green Room?

Think about some games you like to play… What is it about them that makes you want to play them?

  • Earning points
  • Achieving different levels
  • Unlocking new and exciting elements
  • Collecting items
  • Playing again when you complete a game or “die”

Gamification is not the playing of games, but rather bringing game-like elements into the classroom. It makes our learning more interesting and fun. It gives us things to work for, helps us set personal goal, and lets us have choices.

In the Green Room, we have a menu of activities, but we get choices in what we can do and when. Here are the game features we will use:


  • Points: Assignments will receive points. Usually there is a basic point value to tasks (such as 10 points for stations or 20 points for response letters) however you can receive more or less depending on the quality of your work. Points are points. You just rack them up. They help give you an idea of how you did on a task, but don’t stress out about them. I give points to track effort and participation in learning tasks. Points are NOT grades. Point leaderboards will be displayed during the first trimester by your classroom number to give you an idea of where you stand in effort and participation. It is not a contest but it is motivating for some to see how many points they can accumulate. Remember they are just points…
  • Badges: We have over 100 different badges you can earn. You do not have to try to earn them all, but I hope you will work to earn as many as you wish! Some are connected to Main Dishes or Side Dishes; others are ones you have to earn in different ways. Some badges help you “level up” for exciting privileges and opportunities, others help you unlock new things to try and do.
  • Leveling UP: I want to give you incentives to work towards. While it is fun to explore new learning options, we have to master basic skills. Before you can try certain activities in the Green Room, you will need to complete certain expectations.

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