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4 thoughts on “Good Reads

  1. weberhe Post author

    The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo was a surprising good read! When I previewed the book, I quickly predicted that this little lost rabbit would find his way back home. I also predicted that he would take quite a journey. Books can be predictable…but the tale a writer weaves is what makes you laugh, cry, smile…I love when I share emotions. Sometimes I sympathize with a character, sometimes I find myself telling the character what to do. I hope someone reads this text and shares their thoughts with me because this is a great book to chat about!

  2. Sage Bushstone

    In the beginning, Edward’s heart is in pieces, and his body is whole, but in the end, his heart is whole and his body is in pieces. His journey is to find love. It is a great book! Sage Bushstone

  3. weberhe Post author

    Great statement about the book Sage! You really captured the theme eloquently! Love it! Of Edward’s companions, who was your favorite? Who do you think had the most influence on Edward’s emotional awakening?

  4. Sage Bushstone

    My favorite person is Sarah Ruth, the girl who died, because she loved him to the end of her life. Pellegrina had the most influence because she told a story about love and Edward kept thinking about it throughout his journey. Sage


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