Jax, St. Augustine, Orlando, NOLA

For the summer of 2014, Mr. Weber and I took a HUGE Jeep Journey!  We drove over 2600 miles in the jeep.  Our trip began with Jacksonville, Florida. (Actually we ended up staying with friends in Ponte Vedra Beach). While there we took a day trip to St. Augustine which is an absolutely beautiful city!  We had toured there before so we didn’t stay long.  Then we took a day trip to Orlando and visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom and EPCOT. After “recovering” from all of the walking at Disney, we left our friends and headed across the Florida panhandle for a beautiful (but long drive) across I-10 through Alabama, Mississippi, and into Louisiana. This took us across the largest lake in the WORLD: Lake Pontchartrain.

Our goal was New Orleans, LA. I was presenting at a national teaching conference. We had a great time walking around the French Quarter and I LOVED the Blue Dog art I saw everywhere!  The drive home was sunny but LONG as well!  Needless to say, this one 10 day Jeep Journey was enough for this traveler!

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