Underground Railroad Freedom Center

July 10, 2013

My trip to the Freedom Center was very moving and powerful.  I especially liked the RagGonNon quilt as it had such beautiful messages.  There is a really cool free app that gives you a wonderful “tour” of the center.  I previewed it before going, so it helped.  Last year LES 4th graders went there on a field trip, so hopefully they will go again!

Here is a slide show of the pictures I took:


2 thoughts on “Underground Railroad Freedom Center

  1. Rachel Reynolds

    Thank you for sharing this. Could you email me where you found these songs? For part of our performance night, students can choose to sing or play slavery spirituals. I’d love to add these to my resources. So glad we were in the same group!

  2. weberhe Post author

    Thanks Rachel! We created a great unit together! I found these songs on iTunes. From the album “Steal Away: Songs from the Underground Railroad” by Kim and Reggie Harris. Our trip was such a moving experience. Good luck with your students this year!


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