READ Homework

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Since reading at home is so important for personal enjoyment, growth, and development, our main weekly homework will consist of responding to personal reading selections students make.  Letters will be part of the “must do” requirements for weekly points.  These are NOT intended to be book reports, but rather thoughtful, deep responses to reading. The goal is to practice reading closely for evidence to support thinking. Response choices are provided for focus and guidance:

READ homework Response Letters gr. 3 revised

READ homework Response Letters gr. 4 revised

Response letter rubric

Homework Letter Goal Setting

Students will be writing response letters to reinforce friendly letter format, handwriting, conventions, and spelling.  Be sure to access the playlist of videos showing students and families expectations as they increase. How to “level up” is explained in each video.

Learning how to write response to text letters/essays


One thought on “READ Homework

  1. Lauren A

    Thank you for taking the time to video this segment of your class so if my child has a question about what she needs to do for these assignments, she can review it.


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