While in the GREEN ROOM, my primary job will be to focus on discourse with small groups usually focusing on their talk about text selections.  Students not discussing their readings with me will be expected to make appropriate learning choices with their time.   Again learning choices and flexibility are the key.

  • Listening Station: Several iPod shuffles are available with short stories to listen to. Chose any story to first retell with lots of details. Later we will learn how to analyze plot and you will do that instead of retelling.
  • Metacognition Station: Various text selections will be available for you to read and consider. Metacognition is about listening to your “thinking voice” when you read.
  • Vocabulary Station: Tools and resources to explore and expand your vocabulary in fun ways are available. These will change as learning goals change.
  • Poetry Station: There will be a few selected poems to choose from here. You will have a “sketch to stretch” notebook to record your images and ideas as you analyze and consider a poem.
  • Newsstand Station: Periodicals (magazines) are excellent sources of short nonfiction text. This station invites you to consider new and exciting topics.
  • Drama Station: Scripts are a different style of writing to embrace. Select one of the scripts available here explore.
  • Curiosity Case: These are collections of nonfiction texts that center around a single topic. Find a box and compare texts!

2 thoughts on “Stations

  1. Bobbi Ruddock (and Landon)

    Landon and I are looking for the video on Word Wizard mentioned at the end of the week 3 comprehension notebook homework. Can you tell us where to find this? Thank you.

    1. weberhe Post author

      The video was “pre You Tube” and lost. We did two days in class working on being a word wizard. I have making a tutorial on this on my “to-do” list but for now feel free to email me for more info!
      Someday I need to re-do all of the comp notebook videos.


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