Listening Station

Listening skills are critical to success.  To promote the importance of carefully attending to what is said, our listening station features great audiobooks…and no texts to follow along with.  This shifts the focus from visual input to auditory reception.  Listening closely for details is a challenge!  Each month, I load our iPod shuffles with 6-8 different short stories.  Then students are expected to either recount/retell the plot (Recount_retell story Listening) or for a more challenging experience: Listening Plot analysis

We also have 3 iPod nano devices for us to use in different ways and listening activities will be placed in the Google Classroom from time to time.

Intro to using iPod shuffles in our classroom:

Note that 3rd graders should start with retelling/recounting to get the hang of things.  Since this is a lower level skill, “returning” or more experienced students will get fewer points possible and are encouraged to do the analysis activities.  This is to encourage students to challenge themselves with the higher level thinking.  

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