Talk about Text (TaT)

My readers should be fluent and independent so we can focus on comprehension and higher level thinking.  The heart of our comprehension work comes from discussing texts we read…thus “talk about texts”.

Students are a part of a small “TaT” group that meets on a scheduled day each week M-Th. Short text selections are used for a mini-lesson followed by group discussion.



We also discuss text with our “book club” texts. Third graders will read 2 novels: Clementine by Sara Pennypacker (fall) and Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. Holm (winter/spring). Fourth graders will read Ella Enchanted (fall), A Wrinkle in Time (winter), and a very short Van Gogh Cafe (spring). The intent of the book club/novel study is for students to read the texts at home and come prepared for in depth discussion. Each Friday is devoted to book clubs. Students typically start with a pre-discussion assessment (accountability for having read the text assigned) then are put into random discussion groups.  Finally they end with an “exit ticket” which is a written response/essay question to be completed in class.

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